The choice is yours

| The choice is yours |
Wind blows. You can set a wall against it or you can build up a windmill.
| 選擇比努力更重要 |
Glamorousky 925 Sterling Silver Plated Rose Gold / Sliver Windmill Shaped Imitation Pearl Pendant with Cubic Zirconia and Necklace
Glamorousky 925純銀鍍玫瑰金 / 銀風車造型仿珍珠吊墜配鋯石及項鏈

玫瑰金 Rose Gold
價錢💰: HKD198
產品編號🔎: 1000064347

銀色 Silver
價錢💰: HKD198
產品編號🔎: 1000064348