Product Care

Glamorousky Product Care

Product Care

A. Taking Care of Silver (or Silver-plated)

Here are a few suggestions to protect and maintain the beauty of your silver accessories:

  1. Avoid direct contact with soap, cosmetics, perfume and skincare products, as these chemicals will dull the surface shine. Pool water and sea water will have a similar effect. Silver should be dried immediately after contact with water.
  2. Accessories usually lose shine due to pollution from sweat, grease and dust. After wear, silver accessories should be gently cleaned with a polishing cloth.
  3. Silver accessories should be stored independently in pouches or separately in a jewellery box to avoid scratches or damage from abrasion. Exposure to air should also be avoided to prevent oxidation.
  4. Silver is a very stable element, however, it does react to sulphur in the air, which produces black spots, therefore contact should be minimised.


B. Taking Care of Pearls

Pearls do lose their shine over time, and can yellow from contamination by grease and oils. Therefore proper care is indispensable. Here are a few suggestions to protect and maintain the beauty of pearls:

  1. Pearls are delicate, and abrasion with rough materials should be avoided.
  2. Pearls should not be in contact with sweat, vinegar or any acidic substances, as it will lead to erosion.
  3. Contact with perfume and hairspray should be avoided, as these chemicals can be easily absorbed by pearls and reduce their shine. Pearls should be worn only after cosmetics are applied.
  4. To maintain shine, pearls should be washed with water and cleaned with a soft towel, then left to dry in a well-ventilated area before storing properly.